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At the beginning of the month, Gwendolyn Boyd, newest president of Alabama State University signed her employment contract, which among other things, explicitly prohibits Boyd from cohabiting with a lover in the presidential home (her home now, mind you) while single and employed by the university. Not only is this oppressive and insulting to Black women, it is entirely hetero-normative as Alabama does not allow gay marriage.

This is just an example of the policing of black women’s bodies through political & other coercive measures perpetuated under the guise and reasoning of respectability politics in the fashioning of planned parenthood and welfare administration circa 1930 America.

Because under the rules of respectability politics what Black women do in our personal lives and whom is not just our business but that of everyone who wishes to have an opinion.

Because under the rules of respectability politics even being highly educated and overly qualified, Black women can’t make reasonable choices when it comes to sex, desire and love.

Because under the rules of respectability politics a highly educated, qualified black woman who is fit to run a major university must have her personal life policed by others.

Because under the rules of respectability politics heterosexuality is the only way.

Respectability politics strike again.

Personal is political is personal.

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