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The hardest part is not what you might think.

It’s not the stuff I rant about,
It’s not the problematic nature of many of my classmates comments,
It’s not the blatant disregard for others or the mentions of “welfare babies” and “starving children in Africa.”

Those things make me mad. They make me angry.
They make me want to fight back.

The hardest part is the silence.

Being at one of the top law schools in the country–
With the future prosecutors and public defenders and big money lawyers:
Those who will one day wield the legal system as a tool at their disposal–

And hearing nothing from the future purveyors of what is right, and wrong, and just;

One day after the non-indictment and we will act as if nothing has happened,

and I guess, in many’s world, nothing has.

The silence is deafening.

Words, feelings, even actions,
We can fight against.
But the silence?

The silence keeps me up at night.
The silence makes it hard to breathe.
The silence is crushing.