A list of Black-owned businesses.

Quality of Intent

There’s been a lot of talk of boycotting Black Friday all together or using our collective resources to buy from Black-owned business on Friday as an economic protest. I wholeheartedly agree with this movement for quite a few reasons.

Even without the current “unrest” and unacceptable failings and inadequacies of our justice system and its representatives to bring about anything even slightly resembling “justice” for Mike Brown, and so many more Black and Brown men murdered in the past weeks, months and years, Black Friday has become entirely problematic and flat-out disgusting. Workers no longer have the luxury of enjoying the holiday with their families as stores have opened earlier and earlier each year, up until this year, where there was no holiday at all for many. Do we really need to have that big screen tv at midnight or 6pm on Thursday versus just waiting until normal people hours…

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