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I don’t need to waste any characters talking about how times are tough. Violence and oppression are taking the main stage everywhere we look.

This is a easy and quick worksheet I made for some of my students who are stressed in school, but I thought it might be helpful to some others. The point is to take some time to think about some things you can do to keep yourself functioning, and feeling good and balanced, before it’s necessary to think about. Just like you (should) have a fire-safety and (if you live in California like me) earthquake safety plan, you should have one for your well-being too. In an emergency situation, you should be able to just act, without too much crucial time spent pondering what to do lest we panic and freeze up. Likewise with taking care of yourself, make it as easy as possible to follow through when you need it.

For some of us it’s too late and we’re already in the throes of feeling bad. That’s okay! Take some time to fill out this sheet and commit to two things:  1) reading over it everyday (out loud is best) and 2) doing as many of the essential things and at least one of the activities you listed that is good for you (also necessary).

Copy it down. Print it out. Place it on your desk. Stick it to your bathroom mirror. Hang it on your bedroom wall. Post it on the back of your front door. Put it somewhere you will see it.

Best of luck. Keep going.

What are your favorite ways to practice self care?


Download Here: Self-Care Worksheet


Self Care Worksheet Instructions


Self Care Worksheet

Download Here: Self-Care Worksheet